A wide range of financial solutions for medical personnel

Medical Care Systems commercial area staff (M.C.S.) offers a wide range of financial solutions for medical personnel, working in collaboration with banks that have many years of proven experience in the electro-medical sector, such as BNP Paribas.

The intent is to combine the absolute quality of our products with the availability of payment forms and financing that respond accurately and safely to the economic and financial needs peculiar to each of our customers.

The types of financing we propose are the following:


    Leasing is the contract with which M.C.S. grants the Customer the use of the equipment for a defined period of time (generally from 3 to 7 years), at the end of which the Customer can return it or become the owner by paying a small percentage of the financed value, generally ‘1%.

    Advantages: possibility to benefit the local fiscal laws for the deductibility of the asset. It operates with fixed rates.


    The rental is an alternative formula to purchasing and leasing that allows the customer, upon payment of a periodic fee, to have the availability for a predetermined duration (usually a few years) of the equipment combined with a series of related services. The equipment is purchased by M.C.S. then rented to the client without the obligation of becoming an owner.

    Benefits: Saving capital and it improves the debt ratios as it does not represent a debt for the company but only a fee in the income statement. The operating lease is fully deductible both for IRES and IRAP purposes without any limitation of minimum duration and operates with fixed rates.

  • RENT or Pay per Use

    This type of financing is stipulated directly between the customer and supplier. Basically the good is rented directly from M.C.S. without recourse to any financial aid and with a non-predetermined duration (generally not more than one year).

    Benefits: This is an operating lease with the only difference that the agreement is dealt by the two parties so it can be renegotiated whenever necessary.

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