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DC-40 Full HDDC-40 Full HD


To fulfill its commitment to offer quality but affordable medical systems, Mindray presents the new DC-40 FULL HD generation ultrasound system. Combining complete application packages, self-measurement tools and integrated training software, the DC-40 FULL HD system enables accurate, efficient and accessible ultrasound scans with exceptional functionality. Mindray knows the requirements for an optimal operational experience. The 13.3-inch touchscreen ensures ease of use and helps to reduce the daily workload while the compact design and the integrated battery ensure maximum mobility even in the absence of electricity.

PSHTM(Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging): immagine armonica purificata per una risoluzione con miglior contrasto, per fornire immagini più chiare con una risoluzione eccellente e meno rumore.

iBeamTM: consente il ricorso a molteplici angoli di scansione per formare un’immagine singola, assicurando una risoluzione di contrasto potenziata e notevoli miglioramenti nella visualizzazione.

iClearTM: qualità dell’immagine molto più alta grazie alla rilevazione strutturale automatica.
· Bordi a punta e continui
· Tessuti uniformi lisci
· “Aree senza eco” più pulite

PSHTM(Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging): purified harmonic image for a resolution with better contrast, to provide clearer images with excellent resolution and less noise.

iBeamTM: allows the use of multiple scanning angles to form a single image, ensuring enhanced contrast resolution and noticeable visualization improvements.

iClearTM: much higher image quality thanks to automatic structural detection.
· Pointed and continuous edges
· Smooth uniform fabrics
· Cleaner “areas without echo”

Multiple rays formation: Maximum tasking 4 times for a transmitted beam, with excellent temporal resolution and higher frame rate.

Natural Touch Elastography
Elastography with natural touch is based on Mindray’s latest patented technology and reduces dependence on the user’s operating technique, improving operator reproducibility for greater clinical utility.

· Greater sensitivity to rigidity
· Good stability and reproducibility

Complete and extensive visualization of the anatomical structure through panoramic images combined with speed indication and forward/backward scanning, to make the scanning much simpler, free of hitches and more controllable.

Contrast ImagesUWN (Non-linear ultra-broadband)
Mindray’s exclusive image contrast technology that uses contrast media with a fundamental second harmonic and non-linear signal to improve the signal-to-noise ratio for optimal visualization of the details and for a longer duration of the contrast medium that allows better observation.

Better diagnostic information through an extended visualization of the anatomical structure on all convex and linear probes.

The ideal tool for a more thorough biopsy: it allows adaptation to the scan line, ensuring better visibility of the needle, nerves and small vessels.

iScanHelper: dedicated built-in tutorial software
· Anatomical diagram illustrations, with schematic structural tips and coded tissue
· Standard ultrasound comparison with real-time scanning
· Reference image scan to show appropriate patient position and probe placement· Tips on scanning capabilities and diagnostic information

Raw Data: allows optimal flexibility for post-processing of saved images, including parameter adjustments, adding comments and measurements and maximum productivity during scanning.

iZoomTM: Instant full screen view with one button click.

iTouchTM: Automatic and instant image optimization in B, color and PW mode, with one button click.

iStorage / iMeasurement / iReport:

· iStorage: direct transfer of images and reports to the PC via the network cable

· iMeasurement and iReport: offline PC software for user-defined measurement table, formula calculation and report template

iStationTM: Mindray’s patient information management system, unique in its kind, with the ability to integrate, review, store and retrieve patient data with maximum efficiency

MedSight: DC-40 lets you transfer images and clinical videos to your IOS or Android smart device using an interactive app. This can be useful when a pregnant woman wants to share images of the fetus with family and friends or in the case of a training session or a discussion with colleagues about a rare case. Now with MedSight you can take clinical exams wherever you want.