DC-60_CV Exp X-insight


Exp X-Insight

DC-60EXP X-INSIGHT is a system of very recent introduction on the worldwide market, it’s proposed as a successful device in the medium-high segment of the multidisciplinary ultrasound market. It combines powerful and versatile diagnostic tools thanks to new processors and optimized GPUs for the specific application. Precision diagnosis, high productivity and extraordinary scanning comfort.

DC-60EXP X-INSIGHT has inherited the main technologies developed by Mindray and offers excellent image performance. The innovative transducer technologies also allow better penetration thanks to the “Combo Wave” technology.

Echo BoostTM
Mindray adaptive signal processing technology with intelligent echo detection, designed for the use of native information from signal to noise, in order to enhance weak echo signals and eliminate unwanted noise in the surrounding environment. It also allows a more balanced image brightness and better visualization of myocardial tissue layers.

PSHTM (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)
Purified harmonic image for better contrast resolution, to provide clearer images with excellent resolution and less noise.

Multiple beam formation
Maximum tasking 12 times for transmitted beam, with excellent temporal resolution and higher frame rate.

TDI and QA with strain/strain rate
The TDI function of DC-60 enables quantitative evaluation of myocardial movement at the local level and global myocardial function, ensuring complete TDI modalities for faster and more direct diagnosis.

Stress echo
Accurate measurement of myocardial function in response to external stress or medication

Free Xros MTM
Precise anatomical observation by freely positioning the sample lines on each corner. Better images with simultaneous display up to 3 sample lines.

Free Xros CMTM
Exact evaluation of myocardial movement in different phases, with the possibility of determining myocardial synchronization at the same time. High frame rate to guarantee very accurate results.

Gesture sensitive Touch Screen
The smart 10.4 ″ touch screen, sensitive to movement, lets you do more than you ever imagined. You can scroll through the images, move them to or from a monitor, enlarge or reduce them, measure or start specific functions defined by the user with a definite hand movement; DC-60 allows you to do much more and faster.

Auto LV
Simple measurement procedure for the right ventricle, enhanced by auto-tracer functionality and easy manual correction.

Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness)
Automatic measurement of the anterior and posterior parietal thickness which allows to accurately detect the conditions of the carotid artery.

Raw Data
It allows optimal flexibility for post-processing of saved images, including parameter adjustments, adding comments and measurements and maximum productivity during scanning.

Size and physical distance are no longer an obstacle. MedTouch is a comprehensive solution that offers a smarter way to access patient data and the built-in tutorial software via a smart device running Android

A smart tool that allows you to focus more on the patient. It allows you to significantly reduce patient scanning times through standardization and user-defined capabilities.

17 ″ LED monitor with 180 ° rotation angle
10.4 ″ touch screen sensitive to gestures with adjustable angle
Rotatable and highly adjustable control panel
Gel heater
Dedicated endocavitary transducer support
Integrated battery