X-Insight is a complete solution that offers better quality.

Mindray’s new solution is the practical translation of customers’ daily needs into clinical solutions, all with advanced ultrasound technologies that are constantly evolving.

As an established partner, DC-80A with X-Insight focuses on what really matters, simplifying the management of everyday clinical practice with ease and safety.

With the desire to better understand the customer’s needs, DC-80A with X-Insight has been designed to offer high efficiency in the field of precision imaging, also guaranteeing eXpress Clarity, eXceptional Intelligence and eXceeding Experience.

The new X-Engine integrated with GPU and CPU allows multi-core parallel processing for fast imaging. The advanced imaging engine offers three to four times faster processing speed than traditional processing, ensuring extremely fast imaging for many applications, including 3D/4D.

Echo Boost
Mindray adaptive signal processing technology with intelligent echo detection, designed for the use of native information from signal to noise, in order to enhance weak echo signals and eliminate unwanted noise in the surrounding environment. It also offers a more balanced image brightness and better visualization of myocardial tissue layers.

ComboWave Transducers
Compared to traditional solutions, ComboWave transducers use a new type of composite piezoelectric material to effectively optimize the acoustic spectrum and reduce acoustic impedance. When integrated with Mindray’s unique 3T technology, ComboWave linear transducers deliver exceptional performance with image resolution and extreme uniformity in thyroid, breast, vascular and other applications.

Smart Track
The distinctive functionality of Mindray allows to reduce repetitive and time-consuming scanning steps during vascular examinations. Smart Track offers intelligent and real-time vessel detection and real-time image optimization of Color and PW.

• Larger monitor for improved image display at a higher resolution
• More diagnostic information
• Rotating arm in every direction
• Ultra slim multi-touch screen
• Built-in batteries
• 5 active plugs