M9 ultrasonic system – high performance, easy transport

Based on Mindray’s latest generation ultrasound platform, m Quadro, M9 has raised industry standards to a new and superior level. Advanced processors for signal transmission and reception offer sensitive and precise echo detection. The innovative transducer technologies also allow better penetration and higher resolution, greatly optimizing the diagnostic experience.

Providing sharper images, all M9 compatible probes are equipped with the unique Mindray 3T transducer technology. Improved with the addition of single crystal technology, the M9 offers better penetration and dynamic color flow, particularly when scanning difficult patients.

Based on Mindray’s latest patented technology, elastography with natural touch reduces the dependence of the user’s operating technique, improving the reproducibility of the operator for greater clinical utility.
· Greater sensitivity to rigidity
· Good stability and reproducibility

The biggest advantage of M9 lies in its ability to support the patented Mindray technology in order to enhance the contrast imaging property. UWN + contrast imaging allows M9 to detect and exploit second harmonic and non-linear base signals, generating significantly improved images.


PSHITM(Phase shift harmonic imaging)
Purified harmonic imaging for better contrast resolution, and more defined images with excellent resolution and reduced noise.

Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Taking advantage of the second harmonics generated by the liminary layers of the tissues, the THI function significantly improves the contrast resolution, enhancing the image quality, especially in technically difficult subjects.

Tissue Specific Imaging – TSI
Specific tissue imaging optimizes image quality, based on the tissue being scanned. Four visualization alternatives are available: fluids, fat mass, muscles, generic fabrics.

An intelligent way to analyze 2D ultrasound scans to automatically recognize diastolic/systolic frames and generate EDV/ESV/EF results and so on by using the Simpson method.

It enables the use of multiple scanning angles to form a single image, ensuring enhanced contrast resolution and significant visualization improvements.

It enables a higher image quality, thanks to the automatic structural detection
· Sharp and continuous margins
· Homogenous fabrics
· Clearer anechoic zones

Eco-enriched rays formation
The eco-enriched ray formation allows the use of the normally neglected echo signals coming from adjacent beams to generate a higher quality image radius, offering a better “out-of-focus” graphic resolution and a deeper image penetration.

Multiple beam formation
Maximum tasking 12 times for a transmitted beam, which allows for excellent temporal resolution and a higher frame rate.

Microflow enhancement
It enables a better visualization of small vessel perfusions and a greater understanding of pathological vascularity, thanks to the visualization of multiple frames, to create accumulated images.

It enables to obtain a complete and extended visualization of the anatomical structure through panoramic images accompanied by indication of speed and double-direction scanning capability, to make the scanning simpler, easier and more controllable.

It enables to obtain better diagnostic information through an extended visualization of the anatomical structure on each type of convex or linear probe.

Trapezoidal Imaging
Detection of better diagnostic information through an extended visualization of the anatomical structure on all linear probes.

B-Steer/ iNeedleTM
The ideal tool for a more thorough biopsy: it allows adaptation to the scan line, ensuring greater visibility of the needle, nerves and small vessels.

The ideal tool for a more thorough biopsy: it allows adaptation to the scan line, ensuring greater visibility of the needle, nerves and small vessels.

It enables an instant view in full screen, with the press of a single button.

Auto IMT(Intima-Media Thickness)
Automatic measurement of the anterior and posterior parietal thickness of the carotid artery, which allows to accurately detect the conditions.

The unique Mindray patient information management system allows you to effectively integrate, examine, archive and recover patient data.

It enables an automatic and instantaneous optimization of the image in B, color and PW mode, with the press of a single button.

A smart tool that allows you to focus more on the patient. It helps to significantly reduce patient scanning time through a user standardization and definition capability.

Raw Data
It provides optimal flexibility for post-processing of archived images, including parameter adjustment, adding comments and measurements, and maximum productivity during scanning

Specially modeled innovative unit
· Body in light magnesium alloy
· 15.6 ″ high definition LED monitor with slim design
· Built-in battery with 90 minute scan time
· High capacity SSD hard drive to make patient data more secure

Customized cart with specific design
· Quick and simple integrated locking system
· IPower: over 3.5 hours of scanning with battery pack mounted on the cart

Always green
· System without noise
· Automatic brightness adjustment
· RoHS certified reliable materials