Resona 6

Resona 6Resona 6

Resona 6 – New innovative trends in ultrasound systems

Since its foundation, Mindray continues to explore new methods to improve diagnostic reliability. Based on the revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology, Resona 6’s new ZST + platform takes ultrasound imaging quality to a higher level through zone acquisition and channel data processing.

In addition to superior image quality thanks to ZST + technology, Resona 6 offers essential clinical features with guaranteed performance, more intelligent acquisition of CNS plans and more intuitive gesture-sensitive operation. All these features have made Resona 6 the ideal achievable premium solution to guarantee the clinical precision and diagnostic reliability required by today’s complex and overloaded hospital environments.

The ZST + platform based on channel data is an extraordinary innovation, a true evolution of ultrasound technology. Thanks to the transformation of ultrasonic metrics from conventional beamforming to channel data processing, ZST + is a guarantee of several innovations in the field of imaging: advanced acoustic acquisition, dynamic pixel focusing, sound speed compensation, advanced data processing Total Recall channel and imaging.

Advanced acoustic acquisition
Through the transmission and reception of a relatively small number of large areas, the advanced acoustic acquisition extracts a greater number of information from each acquisition, 10 times faster than the line-by-line beamforming method.

Pixel dynamic focusing
Through the dynamic focusing of the pixels, Resona 6 reaches the maximum uniformity in the pixel level in the whole visual field. It’s not necessary to adjust the focal positions to achieve maximum uniformity for every patient test.

Sound Speed Compensation
Through the retrospective analysis of complete channel data present in the channel data memory, Resona 6 is able to intelligently choose the optimal sound speed to improve image accuracy even in the presence of tissue variation, allowing the specific adaptive optimization of the fabric.

Advanced processing of channel data
The ZST + platform provides advanced channel data processing for a significant improvement in imaging clarity. Thanks to the processing of more channel and retrospective data, it’s possible to make better use of the acoustic information to improve the images.

– HD lens: greater definition of images inside the ROI
– Spacial coherence synthesis: image quality of the spatial compound further improved

Imaging Total Recall
While the ZST + platform captures and archives the complete raw data set, the Total Recall imaging feature allows the system to perform retrospective processing on channel data and users to modify the numerous imaging parameters on the images stored for optimizing the clinical result.

Imaging with constrast UWN (Non-linear Ultra-Wideband)
The CEUS UWN + function (Ultra-Wideband Non-linear Plus) allows Resona 6 to detect and use both fundamental second-harmonic and non-linear signals to generate significantly improved CEUS images, as well as to improve the sensitivity of minor signals and prolong the duration of the agent with a lower mechanical index.

Based on radiofrequency data (RF-Data) with raw acoustic information, RIMT offers real-time and automatic IMT measurements with an even higher accuracy of 5¬m, more quantifications in six cardiac cycles and less reliance on the image quality for greater diagnostic reliability.

Resona 6 was designed with the user in mind. Gesture-sensitive operation inaugurates a new trend in cart ultrasound, offering an agile, intelligent and intuitive user experience beyond expectations. Resona 6 allows ultrasound technicians to be faster and more productive and to give the highest priority to patient care through an improved user experience facilitated by inspired innovations.

· 21.5 “high resolution LED monitor
12.1 ″ inclinable multi-gesture touchscreen
3-level adjustable temperature gel heater
Flexible and intuitive control panel
Pinless translator with indicator light
· Separate pedals for swivel and rolling lock

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