Resona 7_CV

Resona 7_CVResona 7_CV

Since its foundation, Mindray has constantly explored new ways to improve diagnostic reliability. Equipped with the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography® technology, Resona 7’s new ZST + platform takes ultrasound image quality to a higher level with zone acquisition and channel data processing.

In addition to the excellent image quality, Resona 7 also improves the clinical research capabilities of the revolutionary V Flow for vascular hemodynamic evaluation, and the more intelligent plan acquisition from the 3D dataset for the diagnosis of the fetal central nervous system. Combining the most intuitive multi-touch operation based on gestures and all the essential clinical features, Resona 7 is truly bringing new trends in ultrasound innovation.

The ZST + platform based on channel data is an extraordinary innovation and represents an ultrasound evolution. By transforming ultrasonic metrics from the conventional beam generation to channel data processing, ZST + is able to offer several imaging innovations: Advanced Acoustic Acquisition, Dynamic Pixel Focusing, Sound Speed ​​Compensation, Advanced Channel Data Processing and Total Recall Imaging.

By transmitting and receiving a relatively small number of large areas, the Advanced Acoustic Acquisition extracts more information from each acquisition, at a speed 10 times faster than the traditional line-by-line beam generation method.


The dynamic pixel focusing technology allows Resona 7 to reach an extreme uniformity in the pixel level in the whole field of view. Now it’s no longer necessary to adjust the focal positions to achieve uniformity between the different patient tests.


By retrospectively analyzing the complete channel data stored in the data memory, Resona 7 is able to intelligently choose the optimal speed sound to improve the image accuracy even when there are variations in the tissues, ensuring specific adaptive optimization of the fabric.


The ZST + platform provides advanced channel data processing for a significant improvement in imaging clarity. Thanks to the processing of more channel and retrospective data, it’s possible to make better use of the acoustic information to improve the images.

– HD lens: greater definition of images inside the ROI

– Spacial coherence synthesis: image quality of the spatial compound further improved

ZST + acquires and stores complete sets of raw acoustic data. Total Recall Imaging allows the system to perform retrospective processing of channel data and also allows users to edit numerous imaging parameters on archived images to optimize the clinical result.

V Flow (Vector Flow): is a new approach for vascular hemodynamic analysis. V Flow uses color-coded vector arrows to indicate the magnitude of speed and the direction of blood cells. With over 300 frames/second, it provides an extremely vivid, precise and angle-independent display of complex vascular hemodynamic profiles. Thanks to the completeness of the data, V Flow is the most valuable tool for vascular clinical research.

iFusion with respiratory compensation: bringing fusion imaging to a new level, the innovative and exclusive Mindray respiratory compensation technology – supported by sensitive magnetic motion sensor with millimetric precision – helps eliminate distortions and inaccuracies of the fusion caused by the patient’s respiration.

Ergonomics: Resona 7 is designed around you. Gesture-based operation starts a new trend in trolley-driven ultrasound, offering a manageable, intelligent and intuitive experience beyond expectations, a six-way mobile control panel with electronic height adjustment that provides scanning convenience in any position. Inspired innovations lead to a better user experience.

· High resolution 21.5 ”LED monitor
Tiltable multi-gesture 12.1 ”touch screen
6-way mobile control panel
Gel heater with temperature control
Contactless transducer with warning light
Central and swivel mechanism lock