TE7 – simple, smart, delicate ultrasound system

The TE7 ultrasonic touch screen system is designed to provide superior quality images to make quick patient care decisions. Controls with intuitive gestures and efficient examinations dedicated to the assistance point minimize the user’s learning curve, without the need to use a bulky keyboard.

Touch-enabled response, targeted application presets and one-touch image enhancement improve reliability and diagnostic efficiency. The extraction and transport capacity, thanks to its unique wraparound auto power cable, and the integrated battery make TE7 always ready for ultrasound at the assistance point.

User-defined functionality offers a new standard of ultrasound at assistance point. Advanced operations at the fingertips, even with gel-covered gloves, provide simple control and optimization of the setting at the finger touch.

With touch screen gestures: tap to open or close functions, drag to adjust parameters, move objects, pinch to zoom in or out, scroll to multi-select, and even crawl to expand the image … all with one finger. A unique, simple and unique ultrasound system for assistance points.


Based on a speech recognition technology with artificial intelligence, iVocal allows the operator to easily control the functions of the system through voice commands, improving the comfort of using the equipment and offering the user optimal ergonomics during the whole execution of the exam.

· Simple, precise and fast without the need for system-specific learning and training
· Hands free, to focus more on patients and improve diagnostic efficiency
· Suitable for sterile and disinfected environments, limiting to the maximum the manipulations on the system

Mindray patented transducer technology to increase image bandwidth and transmission effectiveness.

  • Triple layer correspondence design for greater sensitivity, bandwidth and for S/N optimization.

  • Total exclusion design for less interference noise, better directivity and improved lateral resolution

  • Thermal control design for better acoustic transmission

An intelligent way to analyze 2D echographies to automatically recognize diastolic/systolic frames and generate EDV/ESV/EF results and so on using the Simpson method.

PSHTM (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)
Purified harmonic imaging for better contrast resolution and more defined image generation with excellent resolution and reduced noise.

It enables the use of multiple scan angles to form a single image, providing better contrast resolution and better visualization

Quality images thanks to the gain optimization thanks to the automatic structural detection.

  • More defined and continuous contours

  • Smooth and homogenous fabrics

  • Cleaner: no “areas without eco”

B-SteerTM / iNeedleTM
The tool for deeper biopsies: it allows adjustments of the scan line to obtain better visibility of the needle, nerves and small vessels.

Get immediate automatic image optimization in B, Color and PW modes with just one button

Smart Track
Unique Mindray function: It keeps constantly track of the color flow and optimizes the color box and the angle in real time on the best position during scanning.

Get full screen with a touch

Mindray’s unique patient information management system that effectively integrates, reviews, archives and retrieves patient data.

· Built-in dedicated tutorial software
· Anatomical diagram illustrations, with schematic structural suggestions and tissue coding
· Comparison between standard ultrasound examination and real-time scanning
· Scanning of the reference image to show the appropriate position of the patient and indications for correct positioning of the probe, information that helps to increase diagnostic confidence

Interactive app that lets you transfer images and clinical reports from TE7 to IOS smart devices via WiFi

Size and physical distance are no longer an obstacle. MedTouch is a comprehensive solution that offers a smarter way to access patient data, thanks to a tutorial software that can be incorporated into any smart device with an Android operating system.