Z6 – ultrasound system

Z6 is a well-balanced ultrasound system that proves to be the ideal combination of image enhancement technologies and applications for a comfortable workflow, united in a single portable device and designed to approach at reduced costs.

· Compact and functional design, weighing 7.7kg
· LCD monitor 15 ″ tiltable 30 °
· Dual universal transducer connectors
· Two-level backlit keyboard for various needs
· Uninterrupted 1.5h scanning thanks to the rechargeable battery

Purified harmonic imaging for better contrast resolution, and more defined images with excellent resolution and reduced noise.

It enables the use of multiple scanning angles to form a single image, ensuring enhanced contrast resolution and significant improvements in display.


It enables to obtain a higher image quality, thanks to automatic structural detection

· Sharp and continuous margins
· Homogenous fabrics
· Clearer anechoic zones

Maximum tasking 4 times for a transmitted beam, which allows for excellent temporal resolution and a higher frame rate.


It enables to obtain a complete and extended visualization of the anatomical structure through panoramic images accompanied by indication of speed and double-direction scanning capability, to make the scanning simpler, easier and more controllable.


It enables to obtain better diagnostic information through an extended visualization of the anatomical structure on each type of convex or linear probe.

The ideal tool for a more thorough biopsy: it allows adaptation to the scan line, ensuring greater visibility of the needle, nerves and small vessels.

Direct images transfer and reports to the PC via network cable.

Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness)
Automatic measurement of the anterior and posterior parietal thickness of the carotid artery, which allows to accurately detect the conditions.

It allows an automatic and instantaneous optimization of the image in B and PW mode with a single button press.

It allows you to get an instant view in full screen, with a single button click.

The unique Mindray patient information management system allows you to effectively integrate, examine, archive and recover patient data.

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