Clinical Engineering

Innovative research and new technologies in the sector


Managing Project

Our structure proposes Partners in Global Service services providing qualified personnel to support Management Companies within the various Ligurian Hospitals.

We offer the service autonomously to small healthcare or clinical facilities, providing to the customer all the services, from inventory, technical support, testing, repair / maintenance of equipment and electrical safety checks.

An integrated technical study satisfies the customer for the most specific needs, designing solutions to particular problems and needs or creating ad hoc projects.

MCS is also involved in various innovative research projects and new technologies in the sector.


Cardiorimiters, multiparameter monitors, defibrillators, electrocardiographs, echocolordoppler, exercise test cycle ergometers, tabletop and portable pressurometers, platforms for stress tests, stimulators, patient cables.

Ultrasonographs, vascular doppler, electrosurgery, surgical aspirators, autoclaves, dry sterilizers, pulse oximeters, light sources and fiber optic cables.

Artificial kidneys, blood pumps, scale beds, infusion pumps, equipment for hemofiltration and lipoabsorption treatments.

Cardiotocographs, ultrasound scans, colposcopes, fetal monitoring.

Traditional skeletal diagnostics, analogical and digital remote-controlled diagnostics, portable Rx devices, image intensifiers, orthopantomographs, mammographs, digital printing systems on pacs and Cr, b / w thermal matrix printers and color.

Fixed and portable lung ventilators, humidifiers, aspirators.

Ultrasound therapy, muscle stimulators, radar therapies, robotic equipment for physical rehabilitation, tens, tecar.

App. For laboratory, thermal agitators, thermostatic baths, cardiotocographs, centrifuges, oxygen concentrators, light sources and endoscopy systems, scialytic lamps, electric beds, scale beds, microscopes, patient lifts, operating tables.