Electrical Safety Checks

ELECTRIC SAFETY is the fundamental characteristic for the functioning of an apparatus


The control of electrical features is the basis of accident prevention in the medical field. For this reason, the Regulations in force impose Electrical Safety Checks and preventive maintenance on Medical equipment to protect Healthcare Authorities and their clients. This activity is required both for Public (Hospitals, Public Assistance, AED Defibrillators in the area) and Private sectors (Clinics, Medical Clinics).

Our laboratory performs check controls on all medical instrumentation analyzing:

  • the fundamental safety features by measuring all the electrical parameters that can make a device potentially dangerous.

  • the instrumental features that make an electromedical instrument safe with reference to its performance capabilities.

We produce documentation with data measured filled tables, required limits and possible discrepancies.

All measurements are performed with certified analyzers, with valid calibration.

The staff is specifically instructed, trained and periodically updated with specific courses.

The reference standards are those of the Technical Committee CT 62 of the CEI.