Repair and Maintenance

Competent technicians available in Liguria, Tuscany, Piedmont and Lombardy


Electromedical Reparations

MCS provides a team of technicians operating in the following regions: Liguria, Tuscany, Piedmont and Lombardy to intervene in a timely manner with the customer in order to solve the problem.

Our expertise allows the customer to assist in troubleshooting in a wide range of instrumentation that includes almost all medical equipment, including DAE defibrillators. The execution of the interventions is carried out, promptly “on site” or at our specialized laboratory by solving the machine/device inconvenience immediately.

The spare parts warehouse has components for a wide range of equipment, reducing repair times for the best customer satisfaction. For the most urgent problems, the service provides a forklift equipment free of charge in order to guarantee an operational continuity of the services without any problems.

All activity data is managed by a computerized process that allows the knowledge for detailed information on the equipment and their “life”, from breakdowns, to spare parts used, interventions performed, etc.

Electromedical Maintenance

Our specialized technicians carry out preventive maintenance programs carried out according to the standards established by various “Medical Devices” manufacturers in order to extend the operational life of the instrumentation avoiding unexpected malfunctions.

The programmed activity with the users minimizes the shutdown period of the equipment, consolidates the functional safety and reliability over time and also avoids the emergence of expensive unexpected corrective actions.

The preventive activity is addressed to all the electromedical devices of the Public and Private sector, with particular regard to the Emergency departments (for example DAE Defibrillators on the territory).

A special program is therefore aimed at Public Assistance, Emergencies and various Red Crosses, both Public and Private. To this type of customer is offered a 360 ° service for the compliance of medical instruments on board vehicles and through our Partner Company the Certification of both gas systems and all aids such as escape chairs. The activity is always carried out at the Customer’s premises without ever requiring the “stop” of any vehicle, making it therefore available whenever the customer needs it..

The documentation produced in paper or electronic format allows the Customer to certify the execution of the necessary periodic equipment control procedure and certifies an active surveillance system by the user to guarantee and protect the service quality towards the user.