Training and Quality

Innovative EMACCAMPUS simulation center



The courses carried out by the manufacturers also enable our technicians to work as Product Specialists in order to be able to carry out informative and operational training aimed at technical, medical and nursing staff.

The company offers Training and Updating Courses for Healthcare Professionals or Hospital Technicians and maintenance on:

  • Electrical Safety Regulations for Medical Equipment.
  • Courses on the use of medical equipment and specific methods.
  • Maintenance and safety aspects of medical devices.
  • Regulatory Updates.

The Courses are held at the innovative EMACCAMPUS Simulation Center where the most advanced technologies are available for teaching in Healthcare, Hospital and Critical Area.

The center has a virtual operating room complete with a “living” dummy, a plenary room, a debriefing room, and various multimedia devices to adapt the simulated scenarios to all the more specific needs of teachers and learners.