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Founded in 2000, Medical Care Systems (MCS) proposes itself as a specialized partner in the field of electromedical equipment for technical assistance, supply, after-sales support, safety and functional checks and maintenance and quality controls.

Starting from April 2019, thanks to the constant growth and experience gained in the field, M.C.S. signed a partnership agreement with the already established Mindray as an agency and authorized distributor.

This agreement allows M.C.S. to support its partners and those coming with advanced ultrasound products that are able to stand out in every discipline. Mindray represents today the best alternative on the market and thanks to the constant research and development M.C.S. is confident to offer the best for every need.

Thanks to the team of 8 specialized technicians and the sales team of 6 people, we work in support of the Public and Private healthcare facilities with clinical and design engineering solutions as well as the supply of any electro-medical equipment of the best companies.

An integrated technical study satisfies the customer for the most specific needs, designing solutions to particular problems and creating ad hoc projects. Beside the experience, technicians also add regular refresher courses from the major manufacturers that also qualify them for the Product Specialist function.

The team’s activity is managed by a technical secretary that immediately responds to the client with first level support with the help of competent operators and then starting the repair management with the support of line specialist technicians. As for the sales department the team employs highly professional and specialized staff by area both commercially and at Clinical Application, supported by a dedicated commercial secretary.

M.C.S. is able to participate in numerous public tenders on its territory in addition to the national ones.


Founded in 1991, Mindray is one of the world’s leading providers of medical solutions and devices. We firmly commit ourselves in our mission to advance technologies to make health more accessible and we are dedicated to innovation in the fields of monitoring and supporting services for vital functions, in vitro diagnosis and diagnostic imaging.

Mindray has a strong global network of research and development, marketing and services. Taking inspiration from the needs of our customers, we adopt advanced technologies transforming them into innovative solutions that are accessible to everyone. We improve the care quality and at the same time we contribute to reducing the relative costs, making these services more accessible to a much wider range of the world’s population.

Currently, Mindray products and services are present in in 190 countries healthcare facilities and geographical areas. In China, Mindray products and solutions are adopted by approximately 110,000 healthcare facilities and 99% of the best tertiary referral hospitals.

Our company is organized in such way to be able to support customers even during holiday periods.

Quality Policy

Quality is the driving force by which MCS is moving to achieve continuous improvement, to providing its services aimed at customer satisfaction. In MCS quality is the goal that every collaborator exerts in carrying out the assigned business processes.
Quality, therefore, is the company’s combined skills put in act to satisfy customers’ needs and in proposing them the most appropriate technological solutions to improve the lives to whom it dedicates its services.

MCS’s vision can be summarized as it follows:

  • We love proposing vital technology
  • We have passion for innovation
  • We want to realize excellent care projects in compliance with regulatory requirements

The Management intends to obtain the complete satisfaction of our customers even in their unexpressed expectations. Considering the particular market in which our Company operates, given the rapid changes the market has to deal with and the constant technological development, satisfying the customer and therefore being chosen and appreciated can only derive from excellence in efficiency, reliability, safety, security, technological innovation, branding and the relationship between the quality of the product and its price.

Quality is considered as the fundamental strategic tool to improve all business activities and achieve that continuous improvement that allows us to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company at high levels and in any case corresponding or exceeding the market demands.

Quality becomes a landmark and goal for every activity carried out in the company through:

  • products research and distribution on the market with the highest quality standards, the latest technologies and the best cost/benefit ratios to improve patient care results;
  • the creation and continuous strengthening of a group of collaborators with whom respectfully communicate, fairness and trust in order to obtain a professional, efficient, stimulating and, at the same time, a peaceful working environment for everyone so that the work can represent the personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

The Direction therefore intends to give its collaborators the opportunity of improving by encouraging professional training and allowing each person to fully realize their potential in terms of skills, creativity and initiative taking.
The Management also takes the responsibility to guarantee the continuous improvement of the quality management system.


Bureau Veritas Italia spa certifies that the organization’s management system has been evaluated and judged to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 management system standard, field of application: technical assistance and marketing of medical devices for diagnostic, extracorporeal, resuscitation and rehabilitation.

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BV_certification_13485 def

Bureau Veritas Italia spa certifies that the organization’s management system has been evaluated and judged to comply with the requirements of the ISO 13485: 2016 management system standard, field of application: technical assistance and marketing of medical devices for diagnostics, extracorporeal care, resuscitation and rehabilitation.

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Quality & Reliability

A controlled quality regime to guarantee reliability to the customer.

Experience & Updates

To provide our customers with the utmost expertise.